I’ve been away from the blog for a while because of multiple unexpected issues. Isn’t that just life? Not all the issues were bad, but they were definite eye-openers – issues that caused us to pause and reflect. We all have to do that sometimes, don’t we? Take a breath in and out – spend some time being quiet with ourselves – ponder what’s next.

Ragged Road is still out to literary agents, but the time is drawing nigh that I will simply self-publish again. I’ll let you know when the book is available. In the meantime, I’ve started research and work on a book about my father’s most remarkable family. I’ve also started research and work on a book to be entitled Seven Secrets. Both of these will take a while to write.

Finally, a short story is in development – The Burial of John Doe. I began the research this morning but need to do a little more investigation before I start to write. I like the research part of writing…after a lifetime in healthcare with all my focus being there, it’s fun to learn about non-healthcare things.

Speaking of my lifetime in healthcare, this is a great time to say congratulations to all the 2017 grads, especially those great nurses graduating from Lourdes University today. These guys had me for Evidence-Based Practice, and I know – I just know – they will all use those concepts to improve care for their future patients. Right, kids? It was a privilege to have those intense weeks with you…go make the world better.


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