I’m really excited to be doing a public reading from An Extraordinary Year coming up on June 17, 2017.  Two other local authors will be appearing with me to read from their works as well. We’ll be at the Arts and Performance Center of West Toledo, which is located at 2702 W. Sylvania Avenue. Let me tell you a bit about my compatriots….

First, there’s Peris DeVohn Edwards, author of 365 Days of Happiness. Peris was raised in the inner-city of Toledo and is a former college football Division I Athlete. He attended Miami University, graduating with a Bachelor’s in Family Studies. After his dream of playing in the NFL didn’t go as planned he was at the lowest point of his life. However, through this temporary defeat he discovered his greatest strength and a true passion for inspiring others with his testimony. While continuing employment with Toledo Fire and Rescue, he also serves Toledo Public Schools as a substitute teacher. In between all those activities, he is a motivational speaker, mentor, and author, where he has found numerous ways to spread his gift. His first published writing was in the 2015 Chicken Soup For the Soul “Think Possible” edition. Peris plans to change the world one day at time using his blessings to bless others. He believes that serving others is the greatest blessing there is, and by doing so, you attract what you give. He has dedicated his life to live by his own motto “become more to give more.” For more info, visit Peris’ website: www.365daysofhappiness.org.

Next is Kevin D. Hofmann, an accomplished writer and public speaker. Kevin has appeared across the United States speaking to parents, students, and professionals,  quickly becoming a trusted voice on the topics of race and adoption. His light-hearted, yet contemplative perspective is sought by  media including Nightline (ABC) and NPR. Kevin’s memoir, Growing Up Black In White brings his journey as a biracial, transracial adoptee to life and has been used in numerous colleges and universities as part of curricula in the schools of social work, psychology, education and multiculturalism.  Because his story also addresses the impact of race and culture in society, it serves as a catalyst for open discussions on diversity and inclusion, as well as race and culture.  Kevin has worked with several K-12 school districts and adoption agencies as a diversity consultant. He is also a committed CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocate) volunteer, secretary for the board of Adopt America Network, and co-facilitates an adoption support group for Adoption Network Cleveland. You can learn more about Kevin by visiting his website: https://mymindonpaper.wordpress.com.

Finally, there’s me…I’ll be reading from An Extraordinary Year, as I mentioned, and I have a contest for you…Leave a comment to this blog and tell me from which chapter I should read. Many of you have told me how An Extraordinary Year took you back to your own childhood, so I bet I’ll hear some interesting perspectives!  I really hope you’ll all participate. The person who gives me the best justification will receive a free, signed copy of my new book, Ragged Road, which will be available in July, and I will read from the chapter recommended by the winner.

You don’t have to write like Stephen King or Joyce Carol Oates to enter. C’mon…join in…this will be fun!

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