It was a cold and stormy night…wait, that’s Snoopy’s opening line.

It was a cold and windy day. It rained off and on, nearly ruining several copies of “An Extraordinary Year.” Here’s the good news…I picked up some books from very good local authors and am already half way through one of them because HARDLY ANYONE CAME OUT TO SEE US. It was just too nasty, and I don’t blame a soul for not walking around on this blustery old day.

Let me make one book recommendation to you. “Growing Up Black In White” is a true story written by Kevin D. Hofmann. He’s from the Toledo area and in this book, he writes of his experiences being the product of a trans-racial couple, born in Detroit at a time of great racial tension, and adopted by a white family. He has to learn about racism through a different lens, and how he shares his experience is straight-forward, without self-pity, humorous at times, and evoking memories of my own childhood in terms of the games we played, the trouble we got into, and the life lessons we learned, sometimes the hard way. Kevin does a great job of telling his story and has spoken to many groups about dealing with trans-racial family issues. I’m enjoying this book very much. In coming days, I’ll share with you some other “finds” I made.

I’m glad I have a nice husband who helped me put this tent up in the wind and who gave me his sweatshirt to supplement my own. True love, right?

Stay warm everyone…spring really IS on the way……


One thought on “Independent Book Store Day 2017

  1. Thought about you a;; day and was hoping that you had each copy in a sealed bag…… :-(…..wish I had thought of telling you that sooner. Lessons learned from every experiance in life.

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