New Adventures (or revisiting…)

A new semester has started for the MSN program at Lourdes, and I have five nice students to work with…a joy.

I hope to become a Docent at the Toledo Museum of Art…an idea planted in my brain many years ago. I’ve had two interviews so far, and what a great group of committed volunteers! I hope I’m worthy to join them.

I’ve been writing more poetry lately, as I finish up work on Seven Secrets…one final edit ought to get me to the end of that project. I’ll share one of my poems with you below the lilies…this poem is for all the women fighting ovarian cancer.

lilies 2018


Teal ribbons
On every tree and lamppost,
Their fluttering ends proclaim
Celebrate the survivors!
Commemorate the lost.
My mother.
Your favorite aunt.
All sisters in a deadly fight,
Winners and losers, chosen at random.
Poisons cannot promise victory,
And a manner of victory cannot be seized
From those with the stamina to live.

teal ribbons

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