Today at the grocery store, I checked myself out because I only had a few items to purchase. While I was at the register, I decided to get some “cash back” so that I didn’t also have to drive to the bank. Even though I use a debit card for most purchases these days, I still like to have a little cash in my wallet. You know – for old time’s sake. Well, I was surprised by a friend I haven’t seen in a while, and we talked for a few minutes as I bagged up my groceries. What a pleasant surprise it was, too. Not so pleasant was when I discovered I had left my cash behind…4 HOURS LATER. I returned to the Kroger store with no real hope of finding the money. I checked the machine at which I had rung up my groceries. Then I talked to an employee. She looked at my receipt and seemed to know exactly what had happened. She directed me to the Customer Service desk where, lo and behold, my money awaited. Just so you all know, they log that kind of thing at the Kroger store and are able to look at your receipt and make a match. How lucky I felt! Thank you to whoever turned in my money.

We are not financially wealthy people.  As ‘money-focused’ as it may sound, I have to confess I was awfully glad someone was honest and turned my cash in to the Customer Service folks. It could have gone another way. In fact, as I drove to the Kroger store, I tried to think that maybe if someone took it, they really needed it and would put it to good use for their own family. When something kind of crappy happens, you have to look for the potential good that may come out of the bad, right? Well, all I can figure is that God thought I needed the money more than the guy who found it.

Lucky. That’s what I am. Not just about the money thing, but in so many ways. Lucky to have a great family. Lucky to have my health. Lucky to have all of you as friends. Today, I’m also just lucky that I got my $60 back. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Lucky

  1. Yes, lucky 🍀. On the other hand we are bombarded on a daily basis on what’s wrong with our world, crime, dishonesty, pure evil,etc. We’ve come to expect this is the new normal. I still believe,for the most part, ordinary people like you and me are honest law abiding citizens. So why should honesty surprise us? Sadly Honesty rarely makes the news


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