It’s a quiet morning on Second Street, and I’ve been sitting out on my front porch enjoying a bowl of Frosted Mini-Wheats and a cup of Big Easy Bold coffee. (Not paid to endorse – just an avid fan.) About a half-dozen different birds have visited the birdfeeder while I enjoyed this repast. Grackles, sparrows, cardinals, a titmouse, house finches — all came for breakfast with the Konwinskis. Some of our bird neighbors probably left disappointed as the only delights left in the feeder are sunflower seeds and some suet — the general ‘bird mix’ is gone, despite the fact that the feeder was refilled yesterday. Birds require a lot of fuel, I suppose. Also visiting: an adult rabbit and a fox squirrel. Red jimmies (nicknamed Jimmy, John, and Jake) have also made an appearance this morning, elbowing their way in to grab whatever the birds drop.

There is little traffic through the village at this time of day. A wonderful cool breeze is blowing, and the leaves turn up their edges in tribute. Nothing new has bloomed  in the flower gardens, so I have no excuses to take more pictures. I simply sit and enjoy the show.

What a nice break away this is from the news of the day. I don’t have to go far to escape the incivility of politicians and talking heads — I only have to go as far as my front porch. Turn off the television and radio, friends…put down the newspaper…go outside. It’s much better for your soul.

Peace and love to all who are reading here.

2 thoughts on “A simple life…

  1. My yard remains barren as the landscaper is behind-way behind-schedule. I do recall sitting on the deck and loving the variety if wildlife.


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