Happy to share with you all that Ragged Road has just received a 5-Star rating from Readers’ Favorite. The same gentleman who commented on An Extraordinary Year reviewed this book as well. His words are as noted below. I’m very proud of Ragged Road and happy that so many people have found the story relatable and relevant. Thanks to all my readers for their ongoing support. I really love writing, and there’s more to come…

Ragged Road

Review #1: Review by Romuald Dzemo
Review Rating:  5 Stars – Congratulations!
When Rose Caswell first tells Rafe Whitfield that she is pregnant, Rafe is at a loss for words, unsure of how he feels, because both of them are still young and they never planned for the pregnancy. In fact, his first reaction is that of shock. But then it quickly gives way to a sense of happiness and he makes plans for marriage. His plans are met with opposition from Hamilton John Caswell, the family head of the Caswells. Before Rafe could make any sense of such opposition, Rose is already shipped off to a maternity home and he knows not where. A tragedy that they never expected awaits the young and inexperienced couple. And why should Rafe be denied his right to parenthood? Can he find Rose and can he be a proud father to their child?

Ragged Road by Theresa Konwinski is a love story filled with pain and the setting comes out beautifully. Readers will enjoy the vivid descriptions, especially the one about the Neuse River in the opening pages—and as a contrast this tale of pain, loss, and love is set against the backdrop of a river called The River of Peace, a very romantic setting. The narrative is emotionally charged, the writing focused, with scenes that literally leave the reader’s heart in pain like when Rose begs to see her own child after giving birth and is told that the child isn’t hers now. But can Rose deny herself the powerful connection a mother has for her child?

Theresa Konwinski creates characters that are well fleshed-out and explores their hearts in ways readers will enjoy. Ragged Road is an unusual love story set against a culture that could be really ruthless and indifferent to the plight of young love. The author makes sure you miss nothing of the emotions and that you stick with the characters until the end. Great prose, exciting dialogues, and a steady pace are among the elements that make this story a beautiful read.

2 thoughts on “A little while ago, I wrote this little book…

  1. Such a wonderful review. Not surprised though. I’m no critic just an avid reader and I found Ragged Road to be well written. Tugged at my emotions and filled me with memories of how unintended pregnancies were handled back in my day. Congrats Theresa!


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