The days of our lives fly by us. FLY BY US. During our very busy days, we aren’t always conscious of how we might impact the life of another person. It might be a small thing – a word or an action – that makes or breaks the day for that person.

Over the last year, in person and on social media, I’ve witnessed more unkindness and incivility than ever before. Having worked in a high-pressure field for more than 40 years, I thought I’d seen it all; heard every unkind word (I confess I had uttered a few myself), seen every low-minded deed; but I was wrong. To be honest, that’s a measure of where An Extraordinary Year came from…a reaction to all the malice I was seeing in the world. I had to go back to my childhood (on paper) to escape a little bit from the nastiness. It was fun to think about a time when I was blissfully less aware of just how unkind people can be. That’s not to say there wasn’t heartlessness in the world in 1963 – we were just sheltered from it to a greater degree. There were no 24-hour news channels with argumentative talking heads, full of bombast and long-winded grandiloquence. There was no Internet available to harass each other, some being besieged to the point of suicide. I don’t believe it has to be this way, but it depends upon individuals deciding that they WON’T be this way.

24 Hours of Kindness…it’s a simple idea, really, and certainly not original. People have done it before. But it’s a day where all of us who are normally pretty kind and caring individuals anyway can actively think about what we’re doing – be INTENTIONAL in our efforts. Maybe it’s just saying “hi” or holding the door open for a stranger. Maybe it’s paying for someone’s coffee. Or maybe it IS a bigger thing…volunteering at a senior center or the Humane Society; taking bottled water or cleaning supplies out to Impact ISOH or the Red Cross to be sent to our fellow human beings in Texas, who certainly are in desperate need of help. How about mowing the lawn for an elderly neighbor? There are as many acts of kindness as there are thoughts in your head. It’s all up to you and me.

#24hoursofkindness – September 1, 2017. I know you’ll be there in your own way. Peace and love.

2 thoughts on “On Being Intentional…

  1. Great idea Theresa however I find it very sad that this should be a special day. This is the way I remember growing up. EVERY day was a kindess day ! I will join you in making a special effort to do some little act of kindness to every person I come in comtact with on that day !

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    • I couldn’t agree more…sure stinks that we have to call it out as a special day. Most of the people I know are kind, generous, loving, thoughtful already…maybe if we each make one extra effort on the 1st, we can start the butterfly effect in motion a little bit. 🙂 Love you, Mary Ellen!


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