All nurses are providers of education to patients. Whether they are giving information about how to stay well or whether they’re talking about a particular disease state and treatment options, nurses provide up-to-date information and education. And so it was in Ragged Road…Rose was prepared for labor and delivery thanks to two caring, compassionate nurses – Deb White and Angie Sweeney. The following passage describes the start of Rose’s labor in the Cordelia Weingarten Home:

In the early evening of November 10, Rose started having more frequent Braxton-Hicks contractions, or so she thought. She had not been assigned any chores again that day, and she was grateful because she had been able to get some rest. The contractions were hard and uncomfortable. She remembered what Angie had told her…if the contractions start to come regularly, they’re not Braxton-Hicks. She decided to read the materials the two nurses had given her one more time, measure the time between contractions, and get herself mentally ready for the hard work ahead.

The outcomes of labor and delivery are not quite what Rose expects, though….

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