Turn Your Back on the World (for just a bit, anyway…)

2020 has been terribly odd, don’t you think? Odd…tumultuous…spirit-sucking at times.

Listen, after a great start to the year, including a trip out west that was more fun and full of more blessings than we probably deserved, we came home to Corona…ma-ma-ma-myyyyyy Corona. Ok, not mine personally, but you know what I mean. There was so much confusion about how to proceed, so much dismay over lack of preparation, so much anger over changes from day-to-day. It is a novel virus…no one knew exactly what to do except to keep plugging, listen to the legit scientists, and use common sense, which we now know is sadly lacking in many people. But I digress…

Then came all the civil unrest. I can’t even address it because it’s ungodly complex. A lot of people would like you to believe that it’s a simple matter of law and order, but it goes so much deeper that I feel I’d have to write a whole separate blog to address what I observed and what I know (please don’t comment that it would then be a short blog). Some days I just wanted to open my window and yell, “All of you people behave out there! Whyn’t y’all act like you love somebody for a change?” I didn’t do it. I didn’t want any of my neighbors to think I was losing it. I really wasn’t, but man, the behavior of the human race can be discouraging sometimes. Again, I digress…

I’m really here to tell you about the picture up above. I like to make a small garden every year, and this year (I assume because we were all locked up in our castles with the drawbridges in the upright position), EVERYONE ELSE WANTED TO, TOO. Well, that’s a good thing, but it meant that when I went to my favorite plant place, Hoen’s, the pickings were pretty slim. I’m mostly a tomato/pepper/onions grower, and the tables were darn near empty. Kid you not. So I took what I could get. Yes, I took what I could get (thank you, Bachman Turner Overdrive). That included some varieties of tomatoes I’ve never grown before. This one happens to be called Carolina Gold. We’ve now consumed our first ripe one, and man are they ever good! Meaty, less acid-y than their red brothers and sisters. Delicious. And we got to watch it grow.

Let me encourage you to garden next year, pandemic or not – civil unrest or not – in spite of whatever happens in the election this fall. Grow something. (Something legal, I mean.) I bet you’ll feel like you are mentally healthier and happier if you can get your hands in the dirt and just turn your back on the world for a while. When you’re concentrating on nurturing growth, it’s harder to get entangled in all the noise and fury of this old world. Plus you get some awesome food.

That’s all from me. Have a peaceful day.

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