A review of Seven Secrets and what the heck am I up to now???


This review comes from one of the judges for the 27th Annual Writer’s Digest Self-Published Book Awards.

I enjoyed reading Seven Secrets by Theresa Konwinski. The setting in rural Ohio was relatable. The depiction of the relationships between the boys was pretty spot on. I did feel the initial dialogue was a bit heavy handed, and while things were maybe more formal in that time, some of the dialogue felt a little too mature for 12 year old kids. The dialogue did however establish the nuanced relationships between the kids, and set the stage for some of the tension in the story.
I felt the mystery of the accidental death of James was woven well through the balance of the book. The impact it had on the characters’ lives was realistically approached.
The plot was strong, the resolution was kind of expected in some way, and the pace, though slow and steady, did keep my attention throughout.
This is a solid coming of age story.

So there you  have it. I know I have a long way to go when it comes to writing. I hope that everything I do shows improvement. So what am I working on now?

I am writing a book about my grandparents who lived in Wyandot County. It starts in the 1920s and follow them through the mid-late 1940s. It’s a story about resilience and holding onto faith in the midst of some pretty terrible situations. I’m hoping that when it’s ready, you’ll like it and that you’ll be able to relate it to the tales from your own family’s history. I have another 20-25,000 words before it is complete, and I haven’t been doing any writing at all lately because I’ve been so busy this semester at Lourdes. That’s soon done, though, and Christmas break will allow me some time to delve back into a story that I think is worth telling.

Speaking of Christmas, I hope everyone who reads this is planning for a fun holiday. Spread kindness out there, okay?






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