Here’s a poem I wrote…been writing more poetry lately for some reason. This particular poem has been “cooking” for years, but I recently finished it.  Hope you like it. And yes, I took the accompanying photograph with my handy dandy Samsung. 🙂

Till Night Disrupts a Fragile Peace

A shiver from the inside out,
A black-hole-heavy heart of stone,
The moon shines pale upon my doubt,
A colder wind has never blown.

Electric fingers split the sky.
They reach across the window pane,
Quickly slide along my spine
And find a home inside my brain.

Whispers I try not to hear
Float across a bridge of sighs.
The night unfolds my deepest fears,
Then smooths them out before my eyes.

Morning fog begins to lift,
The sun shines warm upon my face.
Daylight is a fleeting gift,
So I will strive to find my place.

A smile, a laugh, a story told,
Of days when we were young and bold.
Wide-awake, doubts fade, then cease.
Till night disrupts a fragile peace.


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