Another Day, Another Rejection Letter

I forget how many of these I should expect before someone thinks I’ve written something worth pursuing. Even the most famous and beloved writers have file cabinets full of them, as I understand it. There’s just a lot of competition out there and I’ve got no particular platform for recognition…however,  any of you that know me will likely concur that I love telling stories. Maybe my stories are only meaningful to people who know me??  I’m not sure. Every month, a few more copies of An Extraordinary Year are sold – to whom, I surely don’t know. Ragged Road has not fared as well, though I think I did a better job writing it. Placeholder Image

So maybe that’s just life in the big city of writing/publishing. I’m still following my muse, and Seven Secrets is continuing to take shape – sometimes only 300 or 600 or 1500 words at a time. And when it’s done, I’ll start my rounds of agents again, hoping that I finally make that exquisite connection with someone who ‘gets it’ – who believes in the work.

Thanks to whoever out there has been continuing to support my efforts. I hope I don’t sound vain when I say I’m proud of my work. I hope I make you proud, too.

9 thoughts on “Another Day, Another Rejection Letter

  1. Theresa , please keep writing . You have a natural talent for writing! You will be a well known author one day!
    You are terrific! Emily


  2. You are a lady with many talents, writing being one of many! You have shared that you love to write. So…you LOVE it, and you are great at it. Don’t stop. For those of us who are priveleged to know you, and read your talent, we are truly blessed. So I knid of see it as a win-win. ❤❤


    • Trust me on this…I won’t stop. LOL I actually don’t feel discouraged, though it may sound that way. I’m mostly just trying to figure out what I can do better. Thanks for being an encourager and a supporter!


  3. Glad you’re not discouraged because very few writers have not been plagued by rejection letters at the atrt of their writing careers. You know I LOVED Ragged Road !…..and I’m looking forward to Seven Secrets. Maybe we should get together for lunch soon.


  4. You are gifted when it comes to writing and many other aspects of your life. Anything worth doing is worth fighting for my friend. Let this latest rejection letter be your catalyst! I know a thing or two about rejection. My beautiful son told me once that because I write and record my own music, even if no one in the world cares to hear it, he will always cherish my efforts and be able to hear my voice after I pass. Same for your family. We are all proud of you T.K.


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