With Thanksgiving so near, it seems like a good time to offer up a few words of gratitude for the support I’ve received from family, friends and acquaintances regarding my writing. While I feel like I’m still learning the craft, it has been so gratifying to hear people say that An Extraordinary Year brought back wonderful memories of their own childhood, that it offered them a break from the sometimes evil nature of the world, and that it made them laugh or cry or just think. Receiving a ‘5 Stars’ rating from Reader’s Favorite was a shot in the arm, especially since this was my first book.

Ragged Road brought about a very different reaction from people, of course, since it is a very different kind of tale. One reader actually called me and said they couldn’t put it down till they finished it. Another called to say she had just finished it and still had tears pouring down her cheeks. As for me, I like to think of it as an unfinished tale…who knows what Rafe will do in the future with the information he now has about his baby girl?

Seven Secrets is still in the works. Teaching as an adjunct at Lourdes University has taken a little more of my time than I anticipated, but I will be back to writing as soon as the semester ends. I have been thinking about this book a lot, developing the plot a little more, and am anxious to get back to telling you a new story, one about how decisions we make as young people can affect us throughout life.

Just so you know, my first two books are still available at Gathering Volumes, an independent book store in Perrysburg (https://www.gatheringvolumes.com/) and on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Kindle. Another note: supporters of St. Luke’s Hospital, the books are available through the Gift Shop, and 20% of the purchase price benefits the Auxiliary, which in turn, benefits the hospital. If you’re starting to think about Christmas shopping and know a reader who might appreciate the stories I write, think of them as potential Christmas gifts.  Just click on the links below, and again, thanks to all of you!

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