The following is the dedication of my new book, Ragged Road, which is a work of fiction about a topic that has interested me. The topic of this new book is much more serious than the first, An Extraordinary Year.

In my life, I have known many girls who became pregnant out of wedlock; they all got married and made a go of it. Not everyone was so lucky.

DEDICATION – Ragged Road

“Before the 1970s, many young, unwed, pregnant women were whisked away to remote locations, waiting out their pregnancy under the scrutiny of distant family or frequently, alone in a “maternity home.” Sometimes the fathers of these babies were glad for the chance to be divested of responsibility. However, there was also a population of fathers who were never given an opportunity to know the child they had helped produce, and in terms of the law, there was little that could be done about it. Finding your child in those days was no easy task, desperate and frantic as some were to find their offspring. There was no DNA testing as we know it now. There were no computer records.

This book is dedicated to all the young mothers who gave up their children and the fathers who were not given a chance to know them.

This story offers no political commentary or answer. It’s just a story.”

I’m happy to report that at least one literary agent in NYC has commented on the quality and execution of the writing. In the end, I hope that when Ragged Road is finally available, you’ll want to read it, and thanks for your support as I walk this new ragged road of my own. Peace.

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