“My birthday is in March…March the 13th to be exact. I was born on a Friday, so my dad used to kid me about being “…the biggest jinx ever born.” He was only teasing me, though. I overheard him tell Mom one time that instead of the biggest jinx, I was the best thing that ever happened on a Friday the 13th. I always knew he meant it.”

This is the beginning of the chapter “Birthday” from my book, An Extraordinary Year. This happens to be one of the truths in the book. My birthday is March 13. Happy birthday to me. It’s hard to believe that the famous and beloved song by the Beatles  is real life now. And what a wonderful 64 years it has been…not devoid of pain or heartache…not always simple and straightforward…not always sure and secure. But if you ask me whether the good has outweighed the bad, I answer a hearty “HECK YES!”

It’s been a long time since I was afraid of looking like a fool. That’s probably one of the best things about aging. Other peoples’ opinions mean something to you, but they don’t break you. So…when I’m off into some new and crazy venture, I follow my heart and use my own brain. Other peoples’ opinions do not reflect your reality and therefore, should not hinder you from pursuing your dreams, even at age 64. Or 74. Or 84.

Today is my birthday. I’m keepin’ on keepin’ on. You do the same, ok?

2 thoughts on “When I’m 64…uh, wait a minute…

  1. Glad you’re happy with 64! The 60s was a happy and later sad decade for me. The 70s has been wonderful!. I enjoy the moment as much as I possibly can. 75 is just a number!!

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  2. Yes…I’ve been singing that Beatles tune also this year! Happy Birthday dear friend! So glad God put you in my life, for what?…more than 4 decades now!!!!!!!!! Both of us are free spirits following our dreams even at 64. Love You!

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